Do you know the feeling when you’re in a hurry to leave your home and all of a sudden you discover the phone battery is running low? This could be a serious setback, especially if you don’t have a power bank. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make your phone charge faster. Check out what they are!

In this article you will find out:

  • why a phone takes time to charge,
  • how to make your phone charge faster,
  • when to replace the charger or battery.

girl's charging her phone

What determines the charging time?

Charging time depends mainly on the battery type and the charger you are using. More and more phones come with the fast charging function, which means you can recharge the battery within an hour. In order for this to be possible, you also need a proper charger, which supplies power with relevant parameters.

If you believe your phone takes too long to charge, it may be using energy for irrelevant processes at the same time. If you want your phone battery to charge faster, you should remove any extra load off it, to maximise the amount of energy that is stored rather than used by the device.

But if the phone takes too long to charge, this could point to certain technical issues. Make sure  you are using the right charger and USB cable. It’s not a good idea to use accessories other than those that come with the original kit. Their parameters are 100% compatible with your phone.

If you have all the right accessories and yet you face the problem of slow charging, it may mean you will have to replace the battery. Due to their specific function, phone batteries wear out faster than other components. If your battery is depleted, check out the replacement options in our online store!

How to make your phone charge faster?

How to make your phone charge faster?

In order to boost the charging speed, it’s enough to follow a few simple rules. The most important ones are as follows:

Use a top quality charger

We have already mentioned this aspect. If you want to recharge your phone battery, you will need a good charger with the fast charging option (e.g. Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging, USB Power Delivery, Qualcomm Quick Charge, OnePlus Warp Charge etc., if your phone has one of these). What is more, using a wall charger is much more effective that connecting your phone to your PC with a USB cable. Although the latter might seem more convenient, the charging process will take longer.

Don’t use the phone while it’s charging

Once you connect your smartphone to the source of power, leave it alone. It will charge faster if you don’t use its energy supply. It might be tempting to check the battery level or use some apps, but this will only make you wait longer for the phone to charge.

Switch on the plane mode

Using the plane mode  minimises the load placed on the battery, which boosts the charging speed. Unless you need any other functions (e.g. the clock), you can actually turn your phone off. This is to make sure nothing slows down the charging process. But if you don’t want to be completely disconnected, you can always use the battery saving mode.

Shut down the apps in the background

It’s good to do your best to minimise the load on the battery while it’s charging. If you decide to leave the phone on, shut down all the apps in the background. They also use some energy, which is an unnecessary loss at this stage. If you can, switch off all the function you don’t need at the moment –  e.g. GPS, NFC, Bluetooth or localization.

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Time for a new battery?

If none of the above worked for your phone and it’s still taking too long to charge, you should consider a new charger or battery replacement. The former option is much easier, because you don’t have to dismantle your phone. If the original charger that came with your phone is lost or stopped working altogether, don’t go for a random cable to replace it. Browse our product portfolio to find the replacement that matches the original parameters. Before you buy it, make sure which product you are looking for. Try connecting other devices to the charger and see if they also charge slower than usual. 

If the charger is functional, the battery is to blame. It may be depleted (it must be charged more frequently and quickly runs out), and sometimes it may also swell. It’s a dangerous symptom, which mustn’t be ignored – if you observe it, you should immediately replace the battery.

Choosing a new phone battery is relatively easy. It should have the same parameters as the original. Make sure the battery will be replaced by a competent person. 

Fast charging with Green Cell accessories

Whenever you need to recharge your phone, you can reach for reliable Green Cell accessories, such as chargers and USB cables. And don’t forget about replacement batteries and power banks, which always come in handy!