An e-bike comes with extra power, which helps you when the going gets tough. The energy derived from the battery relieves the strain on your muscles, so that you can travel a longer distance without being exhausted. In order to make the most of this vehicle, it’s good to consider not only the battery itself, but also the charger. Learn the key rules to follow when buying one!

In this article you will find out:

  • why a working battery and a good charger are so important for an electric bike,
  • what to look out for when choosing a new e-bike charger,
  • how to extend the e-bike battery life with a properly chosen charger.

E-bike batteries and chargers – why are they so important?

Battery is the key element of an electric bike. The capacity of such battery affects the distance you can travel with extra power and the longer the battery life, the less frequently you will have to replace it. If you choose a battery with better parameters, you can reduce the cost related to using the bike and maximise the satisfaction with every trip. But even the best battery won’t do the job without a charger.

An advanced charger has stable parameters and protects the battery while charging it. It offers ample protection from overcharge and automatically switches off once the battery is fully charged. As a result, it boosts the battery life. A good charger also offers the possibility to connect the bike at any time and anywhere. Since it’s small and compact, you can easily tuck it in your sports backpack when heading for the road.

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Electric bike chargers – what to look out for when choosing one?

Electric bikes usually come with efficient Li-Ion batteries placed on the frame or on the carrier rack. The battery life usually ranges from 500 to 700 charging cycles. Available models come with different voltage. There are basically three variants: 24 V, 36 V and 48 V.

The first criterion when choosing electric bike chargers  is voltage. The charger should match the requirements of the battery. You can’t use a 24V charger with a 36V device. Make sure you know these parameters before you recharge your e-bike.

When looking for an e-bike charger, it’s also good to have a closer look at the construction of the vehicle. In this respect it might be advisable to trust one of the well-known manufacturers, because the quality of the material affects not only the durability and life of the device, but also its weight, size and convenience.

Another important thing is the cable length. An electric bike may be connected to any socket, but due to its size and the nature of the vehicle, you will probably go for a garage, parking lot or staircase most of the time. It’s good to choose longer cables to make sure you can conveniently connect your bike to the socket in any location.

Another thing you might consider will be extra functions that enable you to control the battery level and condition. Practical LED lights will show you the charging progress and special safeguards are there to disconnect the power  once the battery is full. All this will help you avoid battery damage and optimise the charging time.

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Electric bike chargers account for longer battery life

You already know you have to take proper care of any Li-Ion battery to extend its life. The first thing is to make sure the charging process is regular and timely. This will reduce the capacity loss. Do not wait until the battery is depleted  before you connect your e-bike to the charger after a longer trip.

The battery will need special attention also after long pause when the bike was not used. You may also want to  control the battery level  in winter and recharge it, for example, once in two months. You can reach for the charger when the battery level drops below 50 per cent.

And there’s one last thing, not related to the charger, but to the battery itself: a Li-Ion battery hates extreme temperatures. Don’t leave it exposed to the cold or heat. It’s particularly important if you normally keep your e-bike outside. If possible, remove the battery and take it home. Should you forget about it, the battery may require more frequent recharging, because it will run out sooner.

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