December started, and with it the pre-Christmas madness. Every year, the biggest dilemma is choosing the perfect gift, which our loved ones will enjoy for a long time. We decided to help you in this matter and prepared a small series of sales guides. We start with the best gift proposals for travel fans!

Power bank – the tourist’s right hand

At a time when the phone on the move often acts as a camera, navigation and encyclopedia at the same time, extending battery life is crucial. Thanks to the power bank in our backpack, our phone can work even several hours longer.

An exceptional power bank is the Green Cell Car Jump Starter model with the possibility of starting vehicles. During cold winter mornings it can resurrect our car, so that we do not get stuck in a strange place for us.

Tourist adapters

The places we visit very often have a different type of sockets, making the use of chargers impossible. In this situation, we are saved by a tourist adapter, thanks to which we can easily power our phone, laptop or camera. Green Cell adapters available in our shop are compatible with sockets in 150 countries! In addition, the AK40 model has two USB ports, so we can power up to three devices simultaneously.


When travelling by car, the inverter becomes a very useful device. By connecting it to the cigarette lighter socket in the vehicle, we can connect a whole range of home appliances – a hairdryer, TV, toaster or console. This makes your trip much more comfortable and pleasant. We recommend the converters especially to fans of weekend trips outside the city.

Multi-port charger

When we return tired to the hotel after an eventful day, we can start charging our equipment. The ideal gadget for travelers is a multi-port charger. Thanks to it we can save time by charging our phone, camera, power bank. Additionally, having one power supply instead of several, we save space, which is never too much in our luggage.

Cables for charging

During the journey, we obviously need cables to charge our electronics. They have to be both robust and fast-powerful. Both requirements are met by short charging cables from GC Matte. When travelling at night in the car or on a campsite, the illuminated GC Ray cables are a great solution. Even in the Egyptian darkness, you can easily find the end of the cable and hit the port on the device!

The products chosen by us will surely be great if the person you are giving them will throw everything and travel.

Author: Michał Bródka