Nowadays it’s hard to imagine life without power banks. We keep using electronic devices simply everywhere, all day long. That’s why we need constant access to electricity, whether we are at work on the go. If you’re planning to buy a portable source of energy, you will definitely want to know how much it costs. See what a power bank price depends on and how much you need to buy a model that meets your requirements!

In this article you will find out:

  • what accounts for different power bank prices,
  • what are the examples of cheap and expensive power banks,
  • how to avoid spending too much on a power bank.

using a powerbank

How much do you have to spend to buy a power bank?

You will find a variety of power banks with different parameters. They may cost anything between a few and a few hundred pounds. How can you explain this extraordinary price range? Let’s have a look at the basic parameters of these devices:


This is the basic criterion that tells you how much energy your power bank will be able to store. This value is most often expressed in milliampere-hours (mAh). The higher the capacity, the more expensive the device will be. The cheapest models (ca. 3 000 mAh) may sustain your smartphone only for a while if the battery runs low. More advanced and costly power banks with a capacity of ca. 20000 mAh – 30000 mAh will be able to recharge your laptop a few times in a row.

Fast charging function

The best power banks endorse such technologies as Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. This means the charging process is much faster. But this convenience comes at a price, which is why these models are more expensive than others.

Number of USB ports

Each power bank can handle a single device, but only a few of them can recharge a few devices at a time. Cheaper products have a single micro USB port and a single USB-A outlet. More expensive models may have up to 4 ports, including  the modern USB-C.


It’s not only the technical parameters that make a power bank a top quality device, but also its construction and the materials used in the production. If you go for a cheap model, you will probably receive a device made of poor plastic, which will hardly be able to withstand impact or shock. The best power banks are made of durable synthetic materials, such as polycarbonate or ABS, which protect the device from mechanical damage.


While cheap power banks are simple gadgets, more expensive variants come with a range of extra functions, such as the battery charge indicator, pass through technology, flashlight or even a jump starter for your car battery. If you care for such extras, you should pick a power bank that comes at a higher price.


Just like in any other sector or branch, the prices of products by popular brands is usually higher than this of their less known counterparts, even if the parameters are the same. Recognisable brands usually offer high quality power banks, although it may happen that a device by a less popular brand is just as effective. 

powerbank price

Sample power bank prices

Now you already know that the price of a power bank depends mainly on its functions and parameters. We would like to present two examples of power banks – they have different parameters, so you can compare the details and analyse them in the context of our tips. Since in our online store you will find only effective and highly recommended devices, we have only included devices with a price no lower than 30:

  • Xiaomi Gen 3 10000 mAh (27,95 pounds) –  this model comes with a bi-directional USB-C port and two USB QC 3.0 ports. Cells with a capacity of 10000 mAh enhanced with Quick Charge and Power Delivery technologies will help you recharge your portable devices quickly and with a proper level of power.
  • Green Cell PowerPlay Ultra 26800 mAh (108,95 pounds) – this is a powerful power bank with 4 USB ports, fast charging function and a LED. The capacity of 26800 mAh means you can recharge the battery in your laptop, tablet and phone AND in the power bank itself!

Choose the power bank to suit your needs

When choosing a new power bank you should not look only at the price. The product is intended to suit your needs in the first place. This is not to say you should necessarily go for the most expensive option. If you have high requirements and need a device with considerable capacity, though, you should be prepared to spend more. If you choose a higher capacity power bank, you will be able to recharge not only your smartphone, but also a gaming console and a laptop – all at the same time! But if you’re looking for something basic and intend to use it only occasionally, you may conclude it’s not worth paying too much. In this case, pick one of the cheaper variants, which will save your phone battery when a crisis hits.