A laptop has one major advantage over a desktop computer: it’s portable. Unfortunately, with time this advantage may be compromised. And why so? It’s because of the battery, which tends to lose its capacity and must be recharged ever so often. At some point it’s really difficult to use the device with a depleted battery. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy a new laptop straight away – it’s enough to replace the battery. Which parameters should you pay special attention to?

In this article you will find out:

  • which parameters are the most important when you’re looking for a new laptop battery,
  • how to find a proper replacement for your laptop battery,
  • why it’s good to pick a good replacement for the original battery.

What is the most important thing when choosing a laptop battery?

Although there are many different laptop models, battery parameters are usually more or less the same. Most batteries come with similar features, so they key distinctive feature is the shape and the way they are connected to the device. Let’s have a look at all the parameters, though, just to make it clear.



One of the key parameters of a laptop battery is voltage. Many of the available products come in either of two variants: 10.8/11.1 V and 14.4/14.8 V.  As you can see in the above example, manufacturers often mention two voltage values in the description (e.g. 10.8 V/11.1 V). This is not a cause for concern, though: it only means that a specific product can be used to replace either a 10.8 V or a 11.1 V battery. 

Before you buy a replacement, make sure you know what the voltage of the original battery is. If it’s 10.8 V or 11.1 V, pick a battery with either of the two lower values. If the original battery was 14.4 V or 14.8 V, go for a replacement with the same voltage as in the original. As mentioned before, you can choose between the two values mentioned in a pair. One thing you mustn’t do is choose a replacement battery with a voltage from the other range (e.g. pick a 14.4 V battery instead of 10.8 V or the other way round), because the difference would be too significant.


Another important parameter is the battery capacity. It is expressed in milliampere-hours (mAh) or watt-hours (Wh) – this is the information on how long the battery can provide power to your device. The higher this value is, the less frequently you have to recharge your battery.

A question often asked during battery replacement is choosing a higher-capacity battery than the original. This is a good solution and guarantees longer work on a single charge. To this end, though, you have to find a replacement whose size matches your laptop.

Extra cells installed in higher-capacity batteries  means the product needs to be longer or more bulky. If the battery is chunky, the laptop will get a special foot, which raises it by ca. 2 cm. This also facilitates better air circulation and reduces the temperature of the device. The other option means the battery will protrude at the back of the laptop case. In both cases, though, the battery life is considerably extended.

new laptop battery

Battery labelling

You are well advised to consult the battery labelling characteristic for each specific model. This is the manufacturer’s code, which will help you find a perfect replacement for your laptop battery. Each brand uses different symbols, so you will easily identify a relevant range of batteries from among all the available products.

The labelling is usually found on the underside of the battery. If you want to order a replacement on our website, it’s enough to insert the manufacturer’s code in our search engine.

Original battery or a replacement?

When buying a new laptop battery, you may be faced with a choice between an original battery ordered from the manufacturer of your device, and an alternative – a replacement battery by a different brand. The latter solution is a good option provided you pick a product by a well-known brand with lots of positive opinions.

This is a good idea to save some money and improve the performance of your laptop. Original batteries come in only one variant, while replacements by other brands are available in higher-capacity  options.

laptop battery from Green Cell


Now you know what parameters to check when choosing a new battery for your laptop. In our online store you will find a choice of high-quality batteries. They are robust, reliable and high-performing. Their parameters match the features of the original.

You will often find you can easily install a replacement bought in our online store without extra assistance. But if it’s necessary to dismantle a laptop and you don’t really feel up to it, it’s good to visit a service shop and ask professionals for help. If your laptop cannot run on a battery and has turned into a desktop computer, pick a high-class battery replacement in our online store!